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What is cancer? | Bait-ul-sakoon Hospital

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What Is Cancer?

Definition: Cancer is a Group of Cells which are Start behave abnormally and it starts spreading all over the body tissues.

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Cell Dividing

Some Cells of the body starts dividing without stopping and spread into the surrounding tissues. There are many reasons for Starting Cancer Because our Body is made up of Trillion of Cells and Every day in our Life so many Cells are grown up and so many are Die.

When cancer develops, however, this orderly process breaks down. As cells become more and more abnormal, old or damaged cells survive when they should die, and new cells form when they are not needed. These extra cells can divide without stopping and may form growths called tumours.

Types Of Cancer In The World.

There Are 200 types of cancer known in The world. Some types of cancer spread all over the body parts and some are just fixed in one place. According to research every 1 person out of 2 in the UK(United Kingdom) have cancer in there life. But Thanks for researching many of them cure of cancer.

Normally Cancer is due to change in Gene of a Person during his/her Lifetime But in some cases, it also Occurs due to The Faulty Gene Passed over The Families.

There are So Many Types of Cancer and Most of them can cure But Some time it comes back. Normally the Famous Cancers Occur in The world are Given Below

  • Breast Cancer
  • Lungs Cancer
  • Bone Cancer
  • prostate cancer
  • Liver Cancer

There are some Details of deadliest Cancer in The world that has no Treatment

  1. Lung and bronchial cancer: 792,495 lives. …
  2. Colon and rectal cancer:268,783 lives. …
  3. Breast cancer: 206,983 lives. …
  4. Pancreatic cancer: 162,878 lives. …
  5. Prostate cancer: 144,926 lives. …
  6. Leukemia: 108,740 lives. …
  7. Non-Hodgkin lymphoma: 104,407 lives. …
  8. Liver and intrahepatic bile duct cancer: 79,773 lives.

Now its Detail Definition Of Cancer and There some types for the Next we start Define Different and most Important Types of Cancer and tell some tips about how to avoid to get cancer and how to cure cancer.






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